5 Ideas For A Wonderful Wedding Weekend

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5 Ideas For A Wonderful Wedding Weekend

So you’re tying the knot – congratulations! Your wedding day is undoubtedly going to be one of the happiest days of your life. But why stop at one day?

Organising a wedding weekend gives you and your loved ones a chance to spend an extended period of time together. That’s going to feel extra special after two years of lockdowns, postponements and generally putting our lives on hold.

But how do you fill an entire weekend with wonderful wedding activities? At The Frogmill, we know a thing or two about helping happy couples get hitched. It’s why we’re a top wedding venue in the Cotswolds. So we thought we’d offer some inspiration. 

Read on for our 5 ideas for wedding weekend activities…

Rehearsal dinner

If you have guests coming from far and wide to celebrate your special day, why not bring them together for dinner and drinks the night before the wedding? The rehearsal dinner is an American tradition that gives everyone an extra chance to mingle before the martial merriment gets into full swing. 

It can be as informal as you like and, given the stress that often accompanies planning the wedding day itself, most people choose to keep things relaxed! You can’t go wrong with a BBQ or buffet – our spectacular garden at The Frogmill is the perfect setting. Just one of the reasons why we’re a favourite wedding venue in the Cotswolds.

Welcome drinks reception

Of course, catering for large numbers of people can get expensive – particularly if you’re planning to feed guests on your wedding day. So as an alternative, serve up some welcome drinks instead. It’ll give you the chance to spend more quality time with your guests, meaning you don’t have to cram in as many tête-à-têtes on the day itself.  

Cocktail hour

When it comes to your wedding day, there’s always that slightly awkward time in between the ceremony and the arrival of the happy couple at the reception. While you’re off having your wedding snaps taken, consider a cocktail hour. Your guests can enjoy a drink, grab some bites and get the party started. By the time you arrive, the place will be swinging! 


The morning after is the perfect time to reflect on an eventful evening and – importantly – catch up on your guests’ gossip. Organise a leisurely brunch to give everyone a chance to clear their heads and swap stories; it’s quite often the best part of the whole weekend.

A hike and a picnic

A novel idea to round off the weekend is to head out to the countryside for a healthful hike and a picnic. It’s an energising way to shake off the evening excesses, plus, if you’re at a wedding venue in the Cotswolds like The Frogmill, it’d be a shame not to spend a little time lapping up those lush landscapes.

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