5 ‘Ds’ To Make Your Wedding A Success

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5 ‘Ds’ To Make Your Wedding A Success

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s so much to think about. What flowers should the groomsmen have in their buttonholes? Is it necessary to wear a bridal veil? Who do you need to buy gifts for? Often, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s essential and what’s ‘nice-to-have’. 

At The Frogmill, we know a thing or two about organising a day of marital merriment. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the Cotswolds, ours is a top choice.

So we thought we’d highlight the 5 essentials to focus on. Get the ‘Ds’ right and you’ll definitely have a delightful day…



This can be a difficult one to get right. You certainly want your wedding guests to have a good time, but perhaps don’t want your friends and family to go too hard too soon. There are several milestones throughout the day to consider, from guests arriving at the wedding reception to the meal and toasts, right the way through to the celebratory shindig when the sun goes down.

Of course, so much depends on your budget – and personal preferences. But the subject of drinks can get pretty complicated. It’s definitely an area where it pays to get some sober advice from wedding catering pros. And of course, working at arguably the top wedding venue in the Cotswolds, our staff have plenty of experience here.



Feeding your guests is important – it helps to soak up all that fabulous fizz and delivers energy for dancing! But spacing out the food served at your reception can be key to keeping guests in party mode – too much at once and they may end up feeling stuffed. It’s also a good idea to keep options varied, particularly with more people opting to go plant-based these days. And don’t overlook the late-night bites! 



Deciding on your dancefloor fillers is undoubtedly the most enjoyable element of wedding planning. Do you go heavy on the disco divas or rely on regulation rock ‘n’ roll to get the party started? Maybe even throw a little mariachi mayhem into the mix? There’s also the question of a live band, DJ, playlist or combination of the three. Let the music reflect your personality and everyone is sure to have a blast.



Flowers may seem like a frivolous expense at the outset but when you look back at your wedding photos they add colour and pizzazz. And when your reception is hosted somewhere as spectacular as our wedding venue in the Cotswolds it adds even more impact.


Document The Occasion

One thing most happy couples agree on – their wedding day goes by in a flash. As a result, memories tend to get a little hazy (especially after knocking back one or two glasses of bubbly). That’s where having a professional photographer on hand really helps. They’ll capture all the happy moments you’ll want to treasure and enable you to relive them over and over again.

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